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We make ethical apparel in Ghana

The YEVU Foundation provides transparent and ethical manufacturing to brands and businesses that have bespoke apparel needs. Working with us means creating fair and dignified employment opportunities for women in Ghana.   

Our Approach

The YEVU Foundation is an ethical clothing manufacturer in Ghana that has been making high quality and internationally competitive fashion apparel for almost a decade.
We own and operate a small but growing fully facilitated factory in Accra where we cut, sew, design, sample, learn, create and connect, and also come together in a happy, safe and welcoming space. 
Up until 2022, the YEVU Foundation has been the sole supplier to partner YEVU Clothing, a socially responsible label made in Ghana. 


Our Commitment

The YEVU Foundation provides full time employment to women from Ghana's informal sector in order to help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

  • We are a living wage provider and guarantee paid overtime and parental leave. 

  • ​Provide health insurance, social security and a daily home cooked meal.

  • Invest in skill training, capacity building and the ongoing education of our team.

As a result, women employed by the YEVU Foundation are earning 4 - 6 times what they were earning previously, are financially independent breadwinners and feel economically empowered to create a thriving environment for their families. 


We believe in inclusive, fair and dignified employment that has a positive impact on the individual, their family and immediate community. 

Our Structure

We have a unique structure that is based on partnerships and putting our people first. The YEVU Foundation was established by YEVU Clothing in 2012 in order to create jobs in Ghana and build a skilled workforce that could produce 100% of YEVU Clothing. Fulfilling the long term plan for YEVU, in 2022 the capacity of the Foundation workforce exceeded the needs of YEVU Clothing.

Proudly, the YEVU Foundation started its transition to independent and local ownership and operation, laying the path for financial sustainability and locally led growth. Today, the YEVU Foundation is able to offer their manufacturing services to other brands and businesses wanting to produce ethically in Ghana. 
YEVU STRUCTURE & IMPACT OBJECTIVES  (Infographic) (800 × 1200px) (Instagram Post (Square))

What we offer

We provide a transparent service for manufacturing of any volume, from sampling and product development through to final export.

yevu-workshop (16x9)-43.jpg

Pattern making and sampling

We can receive digital patterns and confidently sample across a wide size range. We can interpret designs and make patterns from scratch. 

yevu-workshop (16x9)-36.jpg

Cut and Sew

We specialise in women's, men's and children's fashion apparel, and can also make homewares and accessories. 


Fabric sourcing

We source fabrics locally through our relationship with large and small textile makers.  


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