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Our Factory

This is where the magic happens. Our small but efficient manufacturing hub in the heart of Ghana is a safe, inclusive and productive space, where high quality clothing is made, capacity is built and employment opportunities are created. It's the centre of our ripple effect. 

In 2022, after outgrowing our last workshop, we upgraded and long term leased a large residential property on a spacious compound in Pokuase, Accra. We converted the main open plan communal area of this house into our primary sewing centre with around 16 machines. The other parts of the house have been converted into the various stations of the production line, including pattern cutting, quality control, warehouse, print preparation and even a photography studio.   

Factory Profile

  • No sample fee charge 

  • Sample time 3-5 days plus shipping time 

  • Minimum order quantity 50 units (negotiable) 

  • Capacity 2000 units per month 

  • 30 full time and fairly paid employe

  • Thorough quality assurance conducted on site 

  • Customer privacy protected 


What makes us ethical?

1. Safe and dignified place of work.

2. Living wages and overtime pay guaranteed. 

3. Social security and national health insurance. 

3. At work skill training and capacity building including financial literacy support. 

4. Generous parental leave and flexible work arrangement in support of single mothers and students.   


5. Sustainable practices including fabric waste management and minimising plastic use in all stages of production and shipping. 


Management at YEVU Foundation

Our expert team have worked in the fashion sector in Ghana collectively for over three decades. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, great communication and timeliness. 

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